Ethics of my practice


In the research context I am interested in questions around documentary film boundaries. My current research is focused on investigating the ways in which documentary can work to tell stories about the future and involves the development of a long form documentary film exploring alternative futures of South Sudan. I am an alumni of the VCA School of Film & Television and in 2012 returned to the VCA as a lecturer and supervising producer in the VCA Masters of Documentary course.



I’m a documentary filmmaker who has more recently stepped into the world of creative practice research. As an independent filmmaker I’ve worked across varying scales of production from big budget theatrical release documentaries, to animated short films, corporate commissions, gallery exhibitions, and television documentaries. Much of my documentary work explores social issues through the lens of personal stories [see Just Punishment (director/producer), Nothing Rhymes with Ngapartji (co-producer), & Miss South Sudan Australia (director) ]. This type of filmmaking relies on an ethical engagement between the filmmaker and the participant whose story is being interpreted on the screen. For me, it’s this ethical engagement, that gives documentary film it’s authenticity and underpins my practice as a filmmaker.



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