Ethics Statement

To me, ethics in creative research should accept and respect difference, and acknowledge that difference is everywhere. Importantly, this should occur via slow negotiations of difference through ongoing dialogue between all involved in a project. I'm interested in the ethics of care model, which emphasises connections and relationships, in order to stress the needs of others and to attend to the interests of voices other than our own. At present, I am reading writings on ethics by Carol Gilligan and Francisco Varella.



Through photography, I explore ways of chronicling communities that have a collective social and ecological attachment to a particular environment. Informed by the inner-workings of communities, I aim to translate and transfer the visually imperceptible beliefs and values of these groups into pictorial formats. Through photography, I'm currently working with the people of the Siwai region of Bougainville Island, Papua New Guinea chronicling the medicinal properties of native vegetation.


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