Ethics Statement

My particular interest into the research ethics inquiry relates to the notion of collaboration, which to my mind is not fully understood in relation to ethics and creative practice research. As collaboration in artistic practice often leads to a participatory involvement and content creation, which is emergent and generative via a collective engagement, the pre-emptive nature of an ethics preparation process does not contribute to an emergent approach and often forecloses genuine artistic engagement in a counterproductive manner. To this end, an inquiry into an ethics model, which is situated within, engages with and responds to the processes of the work of the artist itself is of great interest to me.




German born Ina Indira Shanahan is a designer/director/hybrid artist whose works spans over a number of art form and mediums. Her career in Australia began as millinery supervisor for the Victoria State Opera and the Melbourne Theatre Company (1988-97). In 1991 her work was exhibited at the National Gallery of Victoria.

For over two decades she has designed sets and costumes for contemporary and new work in theatre, opera, dance, film and television. Many of the productions she worked on received awards and toured nationally and internationally. Her design approach likes to involve the use of multimedia and/or projections and work in non-theatrical spaces.

In 2004 she co-directed 'Sex, Drugs & String Quartet'  (screened through ABC’s Sunday Arts program), a video music work produced by four women artists from various backgrounds, involving dance, the visual arts, performance art and music composition. It won “Best Documentary” in the 2005 Australian Film Music Industry Awards.

As a performance artist, she has co-produced, performed and directed performance works, which investigate issues surrounding the body, space, installations, and audience/performer relationships since 1995. Works have been shown in contemporary art spaces, universities, festivals, galleries and conferences.

She holds an Honours degree in Performance and Multimedia from Victoria University (2004) and has been a mentor in the Australia wide JUMP Arts mentorship program in the category of hybrid arts practice. (2010). She also holds a graduate degree from the Hakomi Institute in Boulder, Colorado in Somatic Psychotherapy and has been a workshop and training organizer for a number of years in Australia.

Indira is currently a PhD researcher in the school of Media & Communication at RMIT University, Melbourne. Her practice led PhD investigates performance and performative space in both material­­­ and digital virtual environments.



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