Ethics of my practice

My practice is wrought with ethical contemplation and I feel a great responsibility as an artist to acknowledge and allow this to inform my work. I often pastiche scientific methodologies within the context of my practice, as a means of understanding the tools that taught my body to me. As a multi-disciplinary artist, there is ethical interchange that comes with this reappropriation.

 While ethical contemplation guides me towards the use of my own body as a reference point, I often reflect on ownership and responsibility and how it relates to my body. Remaining conscious of a delicate translation between models of the human body and the actual. I work with a perspective of a body that includes the inhabitants and sustenance, which sustain it, thus my ethical contemplation includes these agencies. As well as emphasising those that are excluded from or inarticulate within scientific models.



Navigating through the body, whilst studying it objectively, my artistic practice contemplates the roles and responsibilities that come with having a form and how this imparts upon systems of knowledge. I have found myself merging artistic disciplines, scientific studies and somatic practices in order to find a fitting language to articulate my enquiry. Often using my body as a base material, I am on a continuous search for perimeters of substance, and how they translate upon a collective, social and political perspective of what it means to be human.



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