Ethics Statement

My interest is in developing an ethics in interactive events that expands the concept of participation to include all the components of an event: both human, and the technical and natural nonhuman, as well as the forces that transverse and compose these entities. I draw on A.N. Whitehead’s concept of ‘feeling’ – the capacity of an emergent event to subjectively select or choose aspects of both the actualized world and the larger potential to incorporate in its becoming – and seek to design works that allow the maximum expression of these capacities or selection for all the components. I would describe this as an ethics of care or attention given to the specific, local and emergent: with, in other words, a procedural and emergent politics. 



Andrew Goodman is a visual artist whose practice encompasses sound, electronics, interactive technologies and performance. His work explores emergent ecologies of relation that encompass social, sensory, sonic and technical registers. He writes on art and process philosophy, collaborates with Montreal based research group the Senselab based at Concordia University, and teaches art history and critical theory at Monash University and the Victorian College of the Arts.



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