Intrinsic to the AEL is an on-going exploration into approaches, or what is often referred to in research as ‘methodology’. Because the lab is premised on the uniqueness of every project, site and situation, the question of approach is always alive, and always ripe with ethical dimensions. As such, refining and developing ways of approaching acts of creative occupation – or in modulating ecologies – is a key and important aspect of what we do.

The AEL and this web site become a way to develop, refine and share thoughts about the question of approach, which will assume various levels of foregrounded significance across different projects.


May 22. 2015. all day. Pavilion 4, The Design Hub. Proposed date (tbc) for gathering to practice research presentations and getting feedback from each other. Those not in Melbourne may wish to skype in. This will also be a time to strategise regarding a proposed ‘interview......